5 reasons to travel to Albania

Whether you visit the south, north or middle of the country, you will be surprised and fascinated by the uniqueness Albania has to offer! Some reasons among others:

  1. To enjoy the sincere encounters

The hospitality of the Albanians is remarkable and it is rare to meet so many pleasant and obliging people. They are always there to help you, welcome you, spoil you and smile at you. Your trip to Albania will be full of encounters!

  1. To be by yourself in unspoiled landscapes

If you wish to find places that have been untouched by tourism, you’re in the right country. In fact, whether you are in the Albanian Riviera in the south or in the middle of the northern mountains of Valbona, Albania offers little pieces of paradise that have yet to be taken by storm. You will often feel honoured to enjoy such magnificent landscapes without any other tourists around.

  1. To enjoy succulent Mediterranean cuisine

You are going to love it! Eastern and western flavours will mingle on your plates and you will be won over. In the coastal towns, such as Vlora or Saranda, you will stuff yourself with deliciously-cooked seafood and fish. Fruit and vegetables are highly honoured, just like the olive oil that is present everywhere in Albania!

  1. To treat yourself, thanks to the reasonable prices

Albania is an inexpensive holiday destination. From plane tickets to accommodation, transport and even food, everything is reasonably priced. So you can treat yourself all the more and the excess won’t burn a hole in your purse.

  1. To discover protected fauna and flora

Albania offers lovers of untouched nature incredible corners to explore and contemplate. The wildlife is rich. The climate and landscape of Albania allows for this huge diversity. Natural reserves such as the Llagora National Park have managed to preserve all their treasures.


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